There is no reason why I’m writing my blog in English.

It’s just that I followed my feeling.


Based on my experience,

when I follow my gut feeling, things go well.


Suddenly somehow I started drawing.


To be honest, I suck at drawing…and painting as well.

When I was high school student, I always got bad scores in terms of art, especially “drawing.”


This might be off topic, though

I did a presentation at TEDx Nagoya. What I talked about was the definition of Art.

Even though I’m bad at art, of course, have no idea what the art is like,

somehow I’ve mentioned the ART (PROUDLY).


Anyway, going back to where I was,

the reason why I began to draw is because I just wanna be able to draw almost exactly what I observe.

It’s not that I want to be a designer, though.


I personally believe understanding how to draw may help to alter my perspective towards a world.


By the way,

I’m wondering why I cannot describe the object accurately in spite of which I watch it.

It’s like a riddle for me.


For a while, I’ve been thinking about it.

And this is where I built a hypothesis:

Most people would spend life as if they recognized things around them precisely.


I suppose they do not grasp in a sense.

They would observe the object as they wished to see it in their own way.


In other words,

the way people are seeing things might depend on each.


Meanwhile, in a particular case, it tends to be similar.

Taking a cup as an example,

if you’re asked to draw a cup, you might mostly describe the cup to which a handle is attached on right hand.


Just googling “coffee logo”,

you can find that most of them have a handle on the right.


I wonder why.


More often than not,

I find such trivial questions in day-to-day life, which is really interesting to me.


For now, I want to describe almost exactly what I see.


Maybe in the future,

there might be the time when I should tell somebody what I see or what I thought, I suppose. (This is also like GUT FEELING, though)

That’s when I need the ability to express it by drawing.


For such a case, I’ll try to prepare for drawing skills from right now.